Experiential Education Pakistan

The Organizing Team




Naseem Iqbal is a leadership development consultant par excellence, coach, trainer, inspirer based in Lahore CEO of Training Impact Ltd, an outward-bound experiential group working with leadership teams often outdoors, sometimes high up into the mountains. Over the last 18 years, he has worked with over 150 different teams, mainly experientially and to many in Pakistan this is still all new!

Peter Petzal is a leadership & organizational development coach, trainer, university lecturer based in London, principal at Beyond Frontiers, focusing on leadership through complexity & scale change; his work takes him to many countries mainly within the airline sector; he has worked in and out of Pakistan and India over 25 years.

Faiq Sadiq is former Coordinator, Pakistan Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council working between the US and Pakistan; he is a trainer and leadership coach in the Pakistan financial sector as well as a mentor to the Youth of Pakistan; a C–Suite Banker with professional experience in East Africa, the US and Pakistan

Azam Jaffar, director expeditions working with Naseem & based in Islamabad has extensive experience in setting up and running training and experiential educational programmes in the wilderness. Azam’s great strength is his knowledge of what he calls the territory; how things work, logistics, security with consummate knowledge of expedition and project planning

Umair Hasan is a trekker, traveller, mountaineer and guide; he lives near and loves the Himalayas and the Northern Territories; he is runs his own expeditions and also has a climbing equipment shop in Islamabad

Tim Pearson is a veteran eee anchor who hosted a successful special edition eee in Alaska and brings invaluable project, planning and educational; experience to this project