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Peter Petzal

Peter Petzal is a management and organizational development consultant working with corporate management and international teams to develop effective performance and leadership capability particularly where working through change or in new cultural settings.   Over the last two years, he has been engaged with his studies in Analytical Psychology at the Jung Institute in Zurich training to become a psychoanalyst a discipline which (Peter and team) is increasingly using as an anchor point within leadership development.   Much of his work is in the field of external and internal strategic initiatives, merger & post integration with a strong focus on organizational constellations and capacity for change. Over the last 2-3 years, he has invested much energy into creativity in leadership, with particular emphasis on cultural complexes; effective relationships, cultural competence, conflict resolution and self integration.   In a recent interview, he said, ‘Clients often approach us knowing of our commitment to task, innovative yet informal style coupled to our ability to drill down to the heart of an issue and coming up with creative yet well focused solutions.   We know about organizational change, we live and breathe it each day; between us we have the expertise, analytical and human skills to help leadership teams deliver on change within the spectrum of their vision’ sometimes taking people where they haven’t been before’ he adds with a twinkle in his eye. Our capacity for supporting meaningful change doesn’t happen overnight, personal burnout is a major barrier but we can and will support the change to completion; he says, providing we recognize that change starts with ourselves.   We have worked on projects in over 35 countries. Recent projects have included several multi- national post merger integration exercises in the aviation business; a world wide talent development programme; establishment of a corporate university alongside on-going work within the airline/aerospace/space and logistics sectors’. Peter holds a visiting lectureship at the University of Strasbourg School of Business and the Law faculty and works in English, German and French and is presently studying at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich.