Joining the Programme

Safety, Security & Health

Safety and Security is our prime concern. Impact has over 20 years of experience of running outdoor and mountain expeditions; our approach to risk assessment and security is at the core of each of our planning

Each one of our expeditions, however long or short goes through a meticulous process of risk assessment and evaluation. The leadership team have reconnoitred the whole trip, assessing each stage and each day.

Our security team headed up by a former army colonel works closely with mountain guides who provide information on trails, weather or unusual conditions.

We have regular reports from security and border patrol authorities with whom we liaise closely. We are mindful of some political unrest, which been mainly around baluchistan and the Kyber/Peshawar area – some 800 to 2000 kms from where we will be in Hushe Valley. The Indian and Chinese borders lie to the North East are straddled by some of the greatest mountains in the world such as K2; the border with India is generally not less than 50 kms, the area has been quiet for many years.

Our Health and Safety Team consists of a doctor, paramedical staff, and direct support of local health units and hospital. This includes speedy evacuation in case of any medical emergency. Our team also includes mountain guides, rescue climbers, and wilderness survival experts

Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance is must, please arrange for your local insurance provider from your country of origin.

What to bring:
Kit, Equipment & Clothes

We’ll mail about this once you join up . Do not worry if you forget walking warm gear, in Skardu, you can buy in the second markets at a fraction of Euroopean/US prices Comfortable clothes is our best advise; days will be warm and cold, see section on weather
Modesty in clothing is essential for men and women; no shorts, use loose, baggy jeans or Phat Pants down to the ankle. Polo or short sleeve shirts are OK, women should cover arms, loose fitting shirts or tops to wrists. no sleeveless or low cut tops; Thermals are a good idea, sweaters a must in the evenings, soft shell or fleeces are super useful, top layer wind/water proofs a must.
Good trekking upto ankle boots rather than shoes recommened (even though our sherpa team use sandals) and mountain socks. Bring personal toiletries, prescribed medicines – an extra pair of prescription glasses
We’ll provide a detailed list closer to time In addition to a wheelie or your regular case/bag, bring a soft zipped hold all or duffel bag which will be carried by porter or mule and bring a 35L day pack along with a 30/35L day pack. All camping equipment will be provided, but we recommend bring your personal sleeping bag; you can also buy one at Skardu at ca 50 Euros.