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eee is a space where for over 25 years we as trainers, coaches, teachers, academics, mediators, psychologists, and consultants try outnew thinking, techniques, experiential activities, whatever we choose, where we learn from each other – openly and safely, a place to discover ourselves.

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About eee

Educators meet learners

eee is a space where we meet and learn from each other, a place to discover ourselves; its where we as trainers, teachers, academics, mediators, coaches, psychologists, consultants can try out new thinking, training techniques, experiential activities of whatever kind we choose - openly and safely.

Experiential & Creativity

At our core is the belief that experiential activity and reflection is the surest way to learning, to change and to grow. Its where our curiosity, how our learning meet our potential to deliver; where our creativity and confidence knows no limit.

Learning from others

eee is a space where we listen and learn from others from our own or other cultures, where we access our inner selves and our potential to do more. What holds us is our belief that experiential activity and reflection is the surest way to learning, to change and to grow

What happens at an eee event

At eee gatherings we create workshops or experiences of our own choosing or design, on our own or with others; we may try out what we know or experiment with new ideas. We use ‘Open Space’ or any other agile approach to get things going. Sometimes we offer a session at the last moment, whatever happens is just what happens. You can be sure that each session will be motivating, sometimes a moving experience. And we are never judgemental

Who comes to eee

Participants come from anywhere and everywhere, all ages, backgrounds, countries and cultures. They are often professionals from the worlds of outdoor training, education, business, project management, academia, private & public services, philanthropy & charitable work; some may be working as community volunteers or in humanitarian services overseas; others are company directors or HR in companies seeking to broaden their outlook, work more effectively with different cultures or extend the scope of what they do

Some background

The eee community has been running for over 30 years. is vibrant and flourishes on collaboration and connecting with others. We learn from colleagues, we thrive in each others company; we create lasting deep connections and relationships. We meet at least once a year to share our knowledge, exchange experiences and naturally endless conversations sometimes deep into the night; we join in local activities, dance, act, go walking and eat well. We stay in local communities away from town in simple dwellings; sparkling company assured! And now imagine, all of this in the Karakorams

All pictures taken by organisers in 2022 and 2023

About Experiential Learning

The heart of experiential learning lies in the work of the educationalist Kurt Hahn and psychologist David Kolb’s theories developed over 50 years ago; much draws on the writings of John Dewey, Kurt Lewin, Piaget and CG Jung.

Peter Senge turned the world of training on its head when he published his Fifth Discipline and Field book showing how experiential learning and training is a fundamental to self development, subsequently adopted by many of the most successful organizations in the world.

Most of us use experiential in our work; At our conferences, we go one stage further; our energetic approach reaches deep in to our souls; powerful learning experiences are readily absorbed which we take with us to share elsewhere in our work.

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