Joining the Programme

eee Special Edition Pakistan
As of today, we have received your applications payment here you find a list of people who have completed the sign in process for EEE 2024. Names will be updated up to 1 week after payment.

Who signed in – EEE 2024 : Form Responses 1

Name Country I will attend post-conference
Ping Huang Taiwan, Republic of China Yes
Gerlinda Netherland Yes
Marcel Poland Yes
Igor Poland Yes
Dominika Poland Yes
Agnieszka Poland Yes
Sophia Deutschlan Yes
Andy Deutschland Yes
Ammy Netherlands Yes
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Food & Health

Mostly traditional cuisine will be served. Menu will have both vegetarian and non vegetarian combination. You will also experience local Balti cousine, which is simple, yet nourishing. Please bring your recipes for international night.

Travel & Transport - Logistics

Travel between Islamabad to Gilgit will be on a Saloon Coaster (22-seater coach) with one overnight stop in between. For travel between Gilgit and Hushe, we will use 4×4 vehicles/jeeps. Air travel will bring the participants back from Skardu to Islamabad. In case of a rare 10% probability of flight cancellation, it will be a 14 hours road travels on scenic Karakoram highway