Joining the Programme

eee Special Edition Pakistan

Weather in the Mountains

The expected temperature in September around Islamabad ranges from 32°C to 20°C. Travelling northwards, the temperature drops, making our way through to Gilgit, Astore, the Deosai Plains, Skardu, and Hushe, the weather cools off to 20°C, at night can be ca 3°-4°C. Be be prepared for unexpected warm or cold weather all the way.
Location High Expected Temperature Low Expected Temperature
Islamabad 32 °C 20 °C
Astore 15 °C 5 °C
Skardu 20 °C 9 °C
Hushe 10 °C 0 °C


Islamabad and enroute stay will be in hotels and guest houses, all arrangements by the conference organizers. Details will come later. Hotel stays will be on twin or triple sharing basis. The conference opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the Refugio Hotel Hushe. The two nights stay there will be on a triple sharing basis. Three days and two nights conference will be at Dumsum valley. Staying in camps there will be on twin sharing basis. Toilet tents and hot water will be available at Dumsum.

Food & Health

Mostly traditional cuisine will be served. Menu will have both vegetarian and non vegetarian combination. You will also experience local Balti cousine, which is simple, yet nourishing. Please bring your recipes for international night.

Travel & Transport - Logistics

Travel between Islamabad to Gilgit will be on a Saloon Coaster (22-seater coach) with one overnight stop in between. For travel between Gilgit and Hushe, we will use 4×4 vehicles/jeeps. Air travel will bring the participants back from Skardu to Islamabad. In case of a rare 10% probability of flight cancellation, it will be a 14 hours road travels on scenic Karakoram highway

Conference Venue

Hushe village (3185 Meters) is the last human settlement towards central Karakorums, connected through Gondogoro La pass (5,585 m) with some of the most formidable mountain peaks, passes and glaciers in the world. At an arial distance of about 25 Km from Hushe is Concordia on Baltoro Galacier. 62 Km long and 755 sq km, Baltoro is the 3rd largest glacier outside Polar region. Concordia is at the confluence of four out of worlds fourteen 8000-meter peaks. K2 (8,611 meters), Gasherbrum I (8080 meters), Broad Peak (8051 meters), Gasherbrum II ( 8,035 meters). Also in the vicinity are situated five, 7000 meter peaks i.e, Masherbrum (7,821 m), Chogolisa (7,685 m), Teram Kangri (7,470 m), K6 ( 7,281 m) and K7 ( 6,937 m).

Hushe, Karakarum, Pakistan

Hushe maintains a reputation as the trekking hub in Pakistan, but the surrounding peaks make this valley a point of interest for even those who are not interested in trekking. Hushe River valley consists of a series of villages starting from Khaplu, the first is Machollo, Thalis, Marzicon, Kanday, and the last one is Hushe. The EEE SE Karakorum conference campsite will be at Dumsum (3310 meters), which is an adjoining valley of Hushe. It will be a comfortable walk of 2 to 3 hours with a gradual altitude gain of 165 to 200 meters. Dumsum Valley is at a ‘Y’ junction. With both arms leading towards some of the most beautiful peaks outside the vicinity of Concordia. Dumsum is also on the crossroads to famous Gondogoro La pass. (5,585 Meters). Mountaineer expeditions returning from K2, Broad Peak, G1 and G2 sometimes take a shorter route to human settlement into Hushe through Gondogoro La.

Islamabad, Pakistan. Where you arrive

On the night between September 14 and 15, 2024 you will arrive at the Islamabad International Airport. Your pick up from the airport will be arranged by the conference organizers. The programme kicks off at Islamabad